1. Breathe with consistent pattern.
  2. Think first.
  3. Never skip thanking.
  4. Stay humble and accurate at the same time.
  5. Be unique.
  6. Stay aware to maximize your decision-making capability.
  7. Never be enslaved mentally, verbally, and actually.
  8. Observe and listen.
  9. Transmute effort.
  10. Act smart.
  11. Never feel when doing things; always feel when resting.
  12. Celebrate.
  13. Manage yourself first then master yourself after.
  14. Communicate to at least one stranger a day.
  15. Invest in attitudes.
  16. Share, lend, and give.
  17. Return what you borrow.
  18. Uplift other people.
  19. Model the befitting act.
  20. Create your place in other people’s mind.
  21. Experiment on yourself not on others.
  22. Record your experience.
  23. Remember what have happened.
  24. Read a book that gives clarity not confusion.
  25. Feed your eyes with peace not war.
  26. Feed your ears with voice not noise.
  27. Feed your mouth with food that does not contain garbage both from its outside appearance down to its insides.
  28. Design thru your mind, build thru your mouth, and realize thru your hand.
  29. Have credible mentors.
  30. Hire people with similar core attitudes.
– Genesis Gonzales


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