Need or Want Cash from your Credit Cards?

Here is the Credit-to-Cash service for those who need quick cash from their Credit Cards. All you have to do is choose the amount of credit you want to encash from the dropdown list then click the Credit-to-Cash button. The PayPal window will pop up for you to input your credit card details. Please DO NOT forget to put in the note within the PayPal window the bank account details to where your cash will be deposited to. Kindly wait for confirmation for it to be processed. It’s as simple as that! Try it now!

Cash Deposit Bank Details

The bank account details on where to deposit your cash should be put on the credit-to-cash (cash advance) transaction window. For security purpose, failure to do so will require you to do another credit-to-cash (cash advance) transaction and should add your previous transaction details to ensure that you are the same person before for Share Sm;)e to deposit your previous transaction to your current bank account details along with your current transaction.

One-time Service Fee Only

Every credit-to-cash (cash advance) transaction made with your credit card is subject to a one-time service fee of only 5% of the withdrawn amount or such other amount as may be set by Share Sm;)e from time to time.

No Additional Charges

Your credit-to-cash (cash advance) transactions shall NOT incur additional finance charges. It will still incur the regular prevailing monthly interest rate indicated by your credit card bank issuer until it is paid in full.

Example Credit-to-Cash Transaction

Credit-to-Cash Transaction Amount: P10,000

Service Fee (5%): P10,000 x 5% = P500

Net Cash: P10,000 – P500 = P9,500

“Donate” to “Encash” word

The “Donate” word you see actually meant to be “Encash”. This can be seen on the PayPal window. Kindly disregard the limitation on the use of the word.


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